Before & Aftercare

A consultation will be carried out before each treatment. At the end of each treatment an after-care leaflet may be provided with all the information you will need to get the best out of your treatment.


  • Please make me aware of any eye conditions prior to your appointment, as in some cases this treatment may not be suitable until the condition clears up
  • Please do not have any make up on when I arrive, especially eye make-up or mascara.
    Do not have your contact lenses in when I arrive-have your normal glasses to hand to put on when I have finished
    DO NOT curl your natural lashes with a curler





For the first 24 hours do not touch or let your eyelashes get wet, as during this period the adhesive is still drying. After this period, brush your lashes gently upwards (following the natural curve) with the comb you will be provided with. Or with the mascara you can buy following your treatment. (see retail page)

For the first 48 hours do not visit a sauna, steam room or swimming pool and thereafter try to keep visits to a minimum and where possible wear goggles.

Also within the first 48 hours try to avoid hot steam from the shower or bath and opt for cool quick ones

DO NOT use any oil-based eye make-up remover or mascaras and when removing make-up around the eye area use a cotton bud to prevent damaging the lash line

DO NOT use a curler on your newly applied lashes during the entire time you are wearing them. This may cause them to crease and de-bond them from the lash line.


If you wear mascara which can build-up on the lashes or powder eyeshadow that can fall down and clog the lashes , you will need to clean them.

The best way to do this is to get some ‘no tears’ baby shampoo, water and baking soda.

Mix together 1 part shampoo, 2 parts water and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and shake well to create a foamy texture. Then gently dip in your mascara spoolie and stroke up your lashes. When done, rinse your spoolie in warm water and dab your lashes on a towel without any loose threads.