Retail Products

I can supply the following retail items to enhance, extend and show off the new beautifully-pampered you! (always available, but please double-check)




Mini Solar Oil – £2.00

A blend of Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which penetrate deeply to protect skin and nails. Prevents cellular damage and the visible signs of ageing, as well as the little nicks and skin tags around the nail

Perfect for natural nails as well as Shellac’d, polished or extended nails to keep them fully nourished, tough and flexible. Continuous twice-daily use will extend the life of your nail extensions or Shellac


Volumising Mascara – £10

Specially formulated to use on eyelash extensions without ruining the bond between natural lash and synthetic lash, thus causing premature fall out. This mascara is therefore water-based and requires only warm water to remove. Glides on thinly and creates long, gorgeous, curled up lashes without clogging


Crystal Collagen Gel Eyepads – £1.50 (per pack of 2)

Powerfully reduces dark circles & puffiness, prevents & refines the ageing process, anti-wrinkle, re-firming and enriched with moisturisers


scrub_0Exfoliating Body Scrub – £10.00

Essential pre-tan exfoliating scrub with ground walnut shells, designed to remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for a perfect SUNTANA spray tan
Coconut fragrance


mango smoothieMoisturising Lotion – £12.50

A tan-extending moisture lotion containing Vitamins A, D and E to help build the skins natural defences and prolong the length of your tan. Enriched with natural botanical extracts and cold-pressed oils which penetrate deep into your skin for extreme hydration
Mango smoothie fragrance