Spray Tanning


A spray tan gives you a healthy glow making you look slimmer, as well as making your teeth appear whiter and hiding any imperfections on the skin-including the dreaded cellulite!

So to boost confidence, have fun with friends or for an endless look of sun-kissed skin without the harmful rays of the sun, get ready to be beautifully bronzed by Suntana

Light – 8% DHA
Medium – 10% DHA
Dark – 12% DHA
After Dark – 14% DHA

Full Body Spray Tan – £20

Top up within 7 days of previous tan – £17

1/2 Body Spray Tan – £15 (head to waist or waist to feet)

2-3 People during same appointment
– £17.50 each*         

4+ People during same appointment
– £15 each*

Block Booking – 6 Tans – £100
(please state at time of booking. To be used within 6 months)


Whether it be a hen party, uni/college/school prom or you simply want to get some friends /family together for a girly night in. You provide the tan-ees and I’ll provide the tans.

Sleek new machine with a heat function, to take the edge off that well-known coldness

We will have a chat when I arrive to discuss the look you desire and to decide which colour will best provide this outcome, as well as choosing the solution that is the best match for your personal skin-tone.

The solutions are derived from balanced natural ingredients, developed to give you a luxuriously decadent tan and specifically formulated to allow a greater degree of control during my application.

Due to their design, there is no need to worry about streaks, runs or mistakes typically associated with other brands, you will have a streak-free and evenly applied tan.

And yes, not only will you look great, but smell great too, as they really do smell of Coconuts, Cherries, Chocolates and Blackberries-yummy!!!

Please ask on booking if you require a very dark tan (dancing competitions, photoshoots etc) as I can add booster drops to make the solution darker. Add £2 for a super dark tan (15%-18%) .

***Please note: It is advisable not to have a spray tan within the first 3 months of pregnancy***

Exfoliating Body Wash £10

Finely crushed walnut-shells prepare the skin for the perfect tan, by removing dead skin cells

Tan-Extending Moisture Lotion £10.00

Rich in vitamins A, D and E to fully nourish your skin as well as extending your tan without drying out your skin

Removal Tip

If for any reason you need to remove the tan, the following tip is the best way. Grab a fresh pineapple and extract some juice (about 1/2 a cupful) and add to some diluted lemon juice. Next, either pour this in with your bath water and soak till the colour has ‘lifted’ off your skin whilst exfoliating, or slather this mixture all over your body and then cover with olive oil. Then leave this to get to work for 20 minutes and then jump in the shower and scrub away with some mitts and a little shower gel if preferred.

You will be amazed!!! This method works as Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain and along with the fruit acids also in the pineapple, they work together to create a fantastic ‘chemical exfoliator’.

Alternatively, purchase the homemade scrub above.


How long will a spray tan last?
7-10 days (maybe a little longer). Use an oil-free moisturiser daily to prolong the tan and help it to fade evenly
How long will the spray tan take to develop?
A minimum of 8 hours, if tanned in the evening it is best to leave on over-night
Can I get dressed straight away after having a spray tan?
After a minute yes you can, but it is best to wait a little longer before putting on your bra
What should I do before a spray tan?
Exfoliate and shave 24 hours beforehand and dont use any lotions
Will I look brown straight away after being spray tanned?
Yes, as the product I use has a colour guide
Can I bathe with a spray tan?
Ideally no, as this will cause the tan to fade faster
Can I tan naturally through a spray tan?
Yes, but you still need to use suntan lotion (oil-free) as the solution does not protect you from the sun
Will I fade patchy after a spray tan?
No,the product I use fades evenly. If you have exceptionally dry skin or are pregnant you may experience some slight patchiness