Threading is an ancient Eastern world method of removing hair mainly from the face.

The treatment is undertaken by using a piece of pure cotton thread that is twisted and held between the hands in the form of a Cat’s Cradle and then pulled together to trap hairs; thus plucking them out from the root-at follicle level. This method means that, unlike tweezing where a single hair is plucked, a row of hairs can be pulled out at once, resulting in a straighter line. This can be slightly more painful for some, but is very quick with long-lasting results. Threading is also a great alternative for those with sensitive skin, as the top layers of skin are not being traumatized by waxing /depilation or shaving.

(includes threading and tweezing)
(during same appointment as Eyelash Extensions)
£10 (£2 saving)
Eyebrow Thread and Tint £18 (£3 saving)
Upper Lip /Chin /Cheek £8 each
All Areas: Eyebrows, Upper Lip /Chin /Both Cheeks £37 (£7 saving)
All About Eyes
Eyebrow Tint & Thread & Eyelash Tint
£30 (£3 saving)