MMA-Bad Nails

MMA – Methyl Methacrylate is a monomer liquid used in the application of acrylic nails.

MMA is used in a lot of salons and by technicians who normally charge 1/3 of the normal price for a set of nail enhancements, wear masks while applying nails, use unlabelled products and where you endure quite a painful experience while the nails are being applied, as well as leaving you in some pain the following day.
Nail enhancements should not hurt you on application or any day thereafter

The reasons for this is because MMA products (still believed to be poisonous by the FDA since 1970) are CONSIDERABLY cheaper than EMA-Ethyl Methacrylate, which is the product that should be used and it also gives off an extremely strong and strange odour.

Although not toxic to the body-it was indeed used to cement bones together after injury, it does raise the following issues:

  1. MMA products do not adhere to the the nail plate, so to gain adhesion, the natural nail must be shred up or etched to create groves in the nail plate. This therefore leaves the nail thin and weakened
  2. Although MMA creates very hard nails (sometimes the reason people are happy to have them applied), this in turn makes them very hard to break. Because of this, if you were to jam your finger in a door the enhanced nail would stay attached the the natural nail, but your nail would break underneath-leading to infection and /or serious nail damage
  3. MMA cannot be removed with ease, usually resulting in the nail being plied or pulled off the natural nail-resulting in the weakening of the natural nail and further damage
  4. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that you SHOULD NOT USE IT! Many complaints have been filed and they stand by the fact that this is a bad product for nails-leading to fingernail damage and deformity as well as contact dermatitis

So, please don’t be fooled by cheap and quick offers by salons and technicians alike, we all want nice nails, but don’t ruin or potentially damage your natural nails in the process.