Massages /Scrubs

Chocolate-Orange Back Treatment with Paraffin Wax

Lying on a padded massage table heated by a thermal blanket to warm you from the outside in,

your back will be covered in a chocolate detox salt scrub enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and dead sea minerals to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. On removal of the scrub, a warm-liquid paraffin wax will be brushed on in long strokes and allowed to harden, after which it will be peeled.

The benefits of Paraffin-Wax on your skin:

  • – eases arthritis and stiff joints
  • – eliminates dry skin (psoriasis, eczema)
  • – moisturises
  • – increases blood circulation
  • – rejuvenates
  • – opens pores

Finally, an energising orange body butter enriched with Omega 3 and 6, Olive oil and Vitamin E will be massaged into your entire back and slowly absorbed by your open pores, leaving your skin smooth,  refreshed and intensely hydrated.

45 minutes – £35

Swedish Massages

Body Massage originated in Sweden and uses a technique involving a sequence of movements to work superficially and deeper into the skins layers. A mixture of firm but relaxing strokes are used to invigorate the skin and muscles, leaving them relaxed. The hands are used to stimulate muscles and manipulate soft tissues and the massage is adapted to each individual.

The benefits of a Swedish body massage:

  • Improves circulation and oxygen to cells
  • Improves elasticity (preventing stretch marks) and skin tone (reducing cellulite)
  • Boosts immunity (prevents disease) and improves lymphatic drainage (toxin removal)
  • Relieves muscle fatigue, stiff joints (good for arthritics) and soreness
  • Promotes general relaxation aiding in lower stress and tension levels thus reducing sleep problems
  • Speeds up digestion
  • Lowers blood pressure                                                                   PLEASE SEE BEFORE & AFTERCARE PAGE

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


30 minutes – £25

Décolletage, Neck & Head Massage


25 minutes – £20

Your modesty will be respected at all times.
You will be covered in towels which will be turned back at the knicker-line or just above the breasts, depending on your chosen massage

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Originating in Thailand around 2000 years ago, Thai foot massage uses light pressure from fingers, hands and a traditional rosewood stick to massage, stretch and stimulate the reflex points in the feet and lower legs.

The massage has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga within the technique, which is still being taught by Buddhist monks in Thailand’s temples today.

Thai foot massage stimulates all the reflexes, nerve connections and energy pathways in the feet, which relate to all glands, organs and parts of the human body-beneficial for optimum internal health.

Whether you are involved in, or interested in alternative therapies and holistic treatments, or you simply want to relax in the comfort of your own home with a foot massage-give it a go and you will be pleasantly surprised at the effects.

25 minutes – £25


Benefits of a Thai Foot Massage:

  • Improved circulation and immune system boost-preventing disease
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage (removes toxins from vessels and ducts within the body)
  • Increases oxygen to the body
  • Acceleration of physical healing
  • Helps with stress, insomnia (sleep problems) and mental tiredness
  • Assists relaxation

I do not perform Swedish massage during pregnancy. Please visit a beauty therapist who specialises in pregnany massage, as it is carried out very differently
If you have heart problems, cancer, arthritis or osteoporosis please obtain a doctors letter and have your GP sign it to confirm (more for your safety than mine) that he is happy for you to have a back massage